Dymeng is a NYC and Florida-based software development company that works with businesses to create streamlined software solutions to help them grow and succeed.

We’re passionate about business and love to learn what makes them tick and how we can help to streamline operations and provide effective, user friendly software solutions to drive them. This includes modernizing existing applications or writing new ones from scratch.

We’re also really big on customer service and taking care of our relations in general – be it customers or employees. We strive to leave an impression of yea, those guys are awesome, and value long term relationships with clients and employees alike.

We’re sticklers for clean code, design and architecture. We strive to be the best at using modern programming practices while keeping things pragmatically simple and easy to work with. We feel that all of our solutions are long term investments for our clients, and want to create solid, scalable, extensible software that can grow with their business.

Software development is a difficult thing to do correctly, and our perfectionist nature makes us undertake the process being critically aware of what it takes to be better than the average run of software development shops.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Job Openings

Junior Support Engineer

Full-time position helping users, investigating issues and performing maintenance on the software. You will be the one that makes sure all the bumps are smoothed over and everything ticks along nicely. This role will have you exposed to all areas of enterprise software solutions: an excellent way to gain hands-on experience across the full realm of sophisticated, critical software systems and architectures. Work next to our company owner for detailed guidance and expertise.

  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Training from industry experts
  • Excellent growth and learning opportunities

Here’s what we’d like from you (in general order of priority):

  • Not an asshole, we have a strict bs-less policy
  • Pragmatic thinking and problem solving
  • Experience with the Microsoft programming stack (MSSQL, C#, etc)
  • Database design experience (relational, mostly, but some NoSQL)
  • ASP.NET MVC experience
  • Familiarity with Windows Servers (web hosting, mostly)


We like to think that we’re easy to work with, but try to be humble and not pat ourselves on the back or talk ourselves up much. See some feedback from contractors and employees below to hear from other’s we’ve worked with. We’ve had some amazing help over the years, and it’s always a pleasure to reflect on great relationships that have been built!

Alexander K. – .NET Developer

Hailey M. – Web Design

Amanda F. – Web Design

Carolyn S. – Web Developer

Larry L. – JIRA Administrator

Melissa L. – Content & Design

William B. – Java developer

Teresa C. – Market Research

Stephanie B. – BI Reporting

Hailey M. – Mobile App Design

Marc W. – AWS Architect

Nedra W. – Market Research

Alexander K. – .NET Developer

Alain R. – .NET Developer

Alain R. – .NET Development

Josh M. – Icon Design

Kevin M. – .NET Developer

Patrick W. – .NET Developer