Now that I’ve had to do it on a few computers, I figured I’d jot it down here so I could find it easier in the future (and maybe someone else can make use of it). I’m not a big fan of the GUI stuff for Git, so it’s easier for me to open the shell and do what I need to.

Task: set up a right click context menu item for folders to open the Git bash set at the selected folder.

(Step 0: install Git)

Step 1: Create a .bat file that will open the git bash accordingly:

Step 2: Save the file in some centralized location. I use C:\System\Commands for this type of stuff.

Step 3: run regedit and add the keys required:

(you’ll have to manually create the last two… call “Git Bash” whatever you want it to appear as in the context menu).

Step 4: update the value of the command key to point to your bat file. Inside the “command” key you created, you’ll see a (Default) value. Double click that, and set the value to point to your bat file you created, passing %1 (the right-clicked folder) as the argument:

Step 5: Profit!!!