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My story Dymen Services

Every business starts somewhere. Hear from Dymeng founder Jack Leach about what sparked his entry into the custom software industry.

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Video Transcription

So when I got started with business, I was in manufacturing, and I used to run CNC machines on the shop floor. And I got brought into a management position and I had this paper-based company. And I thought, “Well, there’s got to be a better way to do this.” And I started using computers to really utilize data and streamline processes. So even back when I was in the manufacturing industry, working in a machine shop, the ability to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible was a really big deal. I know time equals money, that type of thing.

So at some point, I realized that database software is, “This is the tool that I need in order to be able to do this.” So part of my passion comes from being able to really streamline businesses. That’s what I love to do and software is such a great tool to be able to do that. And as it so happens, I’m kind of a geek and really like software development a lot as well.

So throughout this period, I was all self-taught and I was working with a lot of different online communities, learning as I went, how to build the applications that would help me manage this manufacturing company that I was running, and it went very well. I spent 13 years doing it. Eventually, the company got sold off to somebody else, and I didn’t want to do anything with it anymore.

So I left the manufacturing industry just to start programming. One of the things that happened during this time was that I was awarded a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award. And this MVP award, it’s a very highly selective award that’s handed out to relatively few people worldwide.

But one of the most amazing things for me after doing this is being introduced to this network of other MVPs. So I’m in constant contact with roughly a hundred of some of the most brilliant minds in software development, across the world. People from Germany, people from Italy, people from Spain, people from Netherlands, quite a few of them, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Philippines, all these places, all these different countries where there’s a handful of MVPs from here, a handful of MVPs from there. And we all collaborate on a daily basis in these online forums and private forums as well, just for this.

And it’s really amazing because we get to share everybody’s most difficult problems, and we talk things through, and it’s a great validation for me knowing that, am I doing this right? Absolutely, I am doing this right. Not just because I say I’m doing this right, but I’ve got a hundred other of the world’s best and most brilliant minds on this and we all agreed that this is how this should be handled. This is how this should be handled. And as we work in the communities and teach all these people, we’re also honing our own skills at the same time. So we’ve been very, very fortunate, very fortunate to be able to have the support of such an amazing group of highly, highly skilled professionals.

So what does that all mean? We have this amazing support for the work that we do. We love doing software development. We we love building things out. We’re creators. We like doing this and it all flows back into how I originally started with this.

I love the streamlining businesses. To me, one of the most interesting things that I can do, and I’m lucky enough to do it as a career, is to look at somebody’s business and say, “Hey, how can we make this better? How can we do better with this?” And not only do we have the vision to understand how businesses work and how they operate and how we can streamline them and squeeze every bit of efficiency out of that, but we have this amazing, amazing, worldwide support group that we can go to on our end to help with, “How can we use technology in order to do that for you?

“So between the two of them, I get very excited about the fact that we can meld these two together and say, “Hey, we can figure out the best way to streamline your business, and we can figure out the best way to use software, to be able to do that for you at the same time.”

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