I’ve been using this for the past few months, and I love it… thought I’d share, never really seen it done in VBA before (but maybe many of you do anyway and I just don’t know it!).

Visual Studio (2012+ I think), automatically puts a throw new NotImplementedException(); line in all auto-generated procedures. It’s pretty nice… lets us build without “not all code paths return a value” errors, and it acts as a quasi-todo list as well with easy “find all instances” searchability.

Anyway, I adopted that for VBA development. Create a public sub called NotImplemented (I put it in my global error handler module), and include it as the default body for MZ-Tools err/proc filler:

Then, for quick on the fly procs just type it in manually:

And add it to MZ:

Super-handy because you get notification on when you forgot something, you can run early dev stuff without breaking anything for sortof-optional procedures, you’ve got find capability for “need to do this still”, and you can manage the message based on devmode/prodmode (if you didn’t opt to clean them all up before releasing… quite handy for beta/test releases). Instead of filling a blank event proc with a comment line so it doesn’t go away, take a sec and type out NotImplemented (which goes pretty quick after a while… ) and ta-da! The proc doesn’t go away and we’ve got a reminder to get back to it.

Lots of really nice functionality packed into it. Super easy to put in place, makes overall coding much, much easier and keeps me from having to remember as much (which is always excellent). A++

Figured I’d share. Maybe someone will find it useful.