Azure is a massive set of tools that can be used for a large variety of purposes ranging from small mom and pop applications to global enterprise solutions. The problem with that is trying to figure out what to use, how to get around, what to ignore, what to pay attention to, etc. There’s any number of “Getting Started” articles on the net, but the greater majority (all that I’ve seen, in fact) deal with people coming from situations other than where myself and my colleagues tend to come from: desktop database application development, particularly LOB solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Welcome to the landing page for my Azure Series, where I’ll attempt to provide a path into Azure from a desktop database/LOB application developer’s perspective.

  • 01 – Intro to Azure: blog post | pdf download
    What it is, how we’ll use it, what parts of it we need, how to get a handle on it…
  • 02 – Getting Started (Accounts & Users): blog post | pdf download
    Understanding accounts, subscriptions, users, directories and setting them up in a way that lends itself to easier future management.
  • 03 – Getting Started (Resources & Services): blog post | pdf download
    This is a quick one… just an overview of Resource Groups and a few bits of background info that weren’t applicable to previous entries.
  • 04 – SQL Database: blog post | pdf download
    Creating a SQL Database… getting the database and its server on the same resource group, choosing datacenter locations, etc.  The basics to get up and going
  • 05 – Database Performance: blog post | pdf download
    Obtaining acceptable performance with a SQL Azure database and client application.

(thanks to Patrick Wood, Ben Clothier and Tom Wickerath, who have all taken an active interest in the Azure Series and provided helpful feedback along the way)