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Get the solutions you need for a smoother work process at your law firm.

If you are looking for a trusted partner who is well-versed in building applications to suit unique and specific business needs, look no further.

Business owners in the Jacksonville area need their software systems to support their business, not to create more work, problems, or challenges. Off-the-shelf software may solve some of your needs, with custom software able to improve all aspects of business software performance. 

Dymeng is a software development firm with a focus on working closely with our customers to treat the ideal software solution for your business. Our software development company works closely with your team to determine the features, functions, and processes that help your business operate more efficiently. 

As a leading custom software development company, we understand that your business is not the same as other businesses, even within an industry. Our attention to detail, transparent processes, and commitment to quality custom software development services ensures the software we deliver is the software solution your business needs. 

When we talk about the needs of businesses, we often find the companies are looking for both custom software as well as custom business apps. Dymeng provides mobile app development, allowing your business to connect with your target audience more effectively.

Medical and Legal Software Development Services​

Both legal and medical application software development are specializations at Dymeng. We have worked extensively with legal practices and health providers to create custom software and apps that meet all compliance regulations. 

Our legal and software development service helps to address the shortfalls in current software programs and applications. Through this process, we provide a more streamlined, efficient, secure, and fully compliant software program. 

The result is custom software that works for your business. Our software is always designed to carry your business into the future, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create software systems that have a positive impact on any business.

Specialized Software Services

Dymeng provides full services for any business as a software engineering company, providing enterprise application development services as well as custom software solutions for small to mid-sized companies. Standard types of software packages and programs often try to serve these very different businesses with the same software, creating inefficiencies, the need for multiple software programs, and the challenges of trying to integrate systems in the business. 

We also work closely with law firms and healthcare facilities in Jacksonville and across the country. We provide a customized legal & medical software development service to increase efficiency, reduce the need for multiple programs to manage facility operations, and assist in ensuring full compliance with all security protocols and requirements. Our medical and legal application software development team has extensive experience and expertise in the requirements for medical software, allowing us to create solutions that address current software gaps and inefficiencies. 

Regardless of your custom software development needs, we have the solution. Reach out and talk to our team today for more information.

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What Our Legal Software
Development Company Offers

Our software solutions are available for all practices and include:

We also offer services beyond development to keep you protected year-round.

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Your software is supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult. Whether you need custom software development or software upgrades and integration, our legal software development company can deliver software solutions that give you a smoother work process.