Streamlining Businesses
with Software

Technology for your most difficult problems

built to evolve with your business


From the ground up we model software around your operations, providing efficient, easy to use solutions with stable, ready to evolve foundations.


Modernizing existing systems, integrating 3rd party services or simply keeping the moving parts free from rust – Dymeng has extensive experience in the science and art of working a legacy codebase.


Native mobile apps, versatile web apps or the highly integrated desktop. We review your business needs and advise on the best fit for each use case.


At Dymeng, we do more than write code. We deftly manage complex enterprise application projects with fluid customer requirements, adapt to budget and time constraints, and provide our customers with long-term, sustainable solutions that save businesses time and money.

Develop Custom Software with Dymeng

Our New York and Florida-based software development company specializes in custom business solutions. From web development to desktop applications, cloud infrastructures, updates to existing systems and more, Dymeng streamlines solutions that help your business work smarter, rather than harder.

We feel that the software design, development and implementation process is one that our clients should be as involved in as they like. We strive to use our mastery of our field to help you achieve mastery in your own. We promise the best in customer service, full transparency and close collaboration as we help customers in all industries design the software solutions they need to run their business more effectively.

With Dymeng, you’ll get the software solutions you need on-time, on-budget and meeting all of your technical specifications. Trust us with your planning, development, testing and deployment phases, and see how our tech-savvy, business-oriented people can help your company achieve its goals. We’re committed to providing high quality solutions to our clients – on time and on budget – and that means following some tried and true practices to get there. We’ll start by with getting a decent feel for where you are and where you need to be, followed by some legwork on our end to see about what kind of high-level challenges we might face. From there, we can provide a general scope and estimate, after which we’ll usually enter into an Agile-based series of iterations: thorough requirements, planning, developing, testing and deployment, repeated as necessary.