About Us

About Us

Dymeng Services, Inc. specializes in building and maintaining foundationally stable software solutions to help companies thrive. We believe that software should help your business operate more efficiently, regardless of your size. Software shouldn't cause headaches.

Software is the foundation of your business operations. It should help you run your business smoothly. Our team specializes in developing custom business software solutions that empower you to work smarter, not harder! 

Actively involved in the software education community

Speaker at international developer conferences

Dymeng Services, Inc. was founded by Jack D. Leach  in 2012 as a one-person operation and has grown into a highly skilled team of more than 20 experienced professionals. Our work and values are based on Jack’s personal pillars of integrity, quality, and transparency.    

Our stellar reputation for client satisfaction lies in our passion for business operations management and software development. Solutions are created with a detailed, yet holistic vision into the heart of a client’s business systems and operations, resulting in software solutions that fit our clients seamlessly, allowing them to grow and scale.  

We continuously strive to be masters of our craft so that our clients can focus on being the master of theirs. Our culture prioritizes professional integrity and meaningful relationships with our clients and employees. Highly rated client experiences and employee retention rates are testaments to the quality of services and commitment to clients and employees.    

Streamlining businesses through improved system and application efficiencies is the core of Dymeng. Our heart lies in our commitment to delivering superior products with superior services.