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The Cornerstone of Our Success



Our culture prioritizes professional integrity and meaningful relationships with clients and employees. We always do right by our team and the customers we serve.



Relentless dedication to quality is what drives us. We’re committed to streamlining businesses and helping them grow with superior products through superior service.


Client Service

Client satisfaction is what matters most to us. Our technology solutions are created with a detailed, yet holistic view into a business's systems and operations. Our solutions seamlessly fit our clients’ needs, allowing them to grow and scale.



We value transparency in all we do. We familiarize clients with our process and what to expect so we’re all on the same page, every step of the way.

Our Story

Dymeng Services, Inc. was founded in 2013 on the principles of quality, integrity, transparency, and client service. It’s our commitment to these values that drives client satisfaction.

Jack Leach was working in the manufacturing industry when the seeds for Dymeng were planted. He worked for a company that relied on a paper-based system fraught with inefficiencies. 

Jack saw tremendous potential in automating the process and was intrigued with the many ways the system could be improved. Asking questions like “How can I make this better?” and solving the puzzle inherent in the process, Jack began developing custom software, first for his employer, and then, alongside the Dymeng team, for countless others in the years since.

For Jack and the Dymeng team, every problem is different. No two clients are have identical needs. It is this challenge that drives us to build innovative solutions perfectly suited to each customer’s needs.

We are masters of our craft, allowing our clients to focus on being the masters of theirs. We know we’re on the right track because our employees stay with us and our clients are thrilled with what we deliver.

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Founder / CEO

Jack’s technical acumen, commitment to excellence, and role as a trusted consultant have positioned Dymeng as a leader in custom business software. His unwavering focus on innovation drives his team to provide premier solutions for businesses nationwide.

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I can’t imagine working with anyone else

“Dymeng Services took the time to truly understand our business needs, ask hard questions, and get to the root of our technical requirements before setting expectations about timelines and output. Everyone I worked with had a deep understanding of the project and our complex needs. Not only did Dymeng help execute on a highly customized solution, but they also communicated in non-technical terms that kept all stakeholders in the driver’s seat. With their guidance and technical skills, we were able to build a one-of-a-kind system that has transformed our business efficiency, improved the accuracy of our data and reporting, and given us a competitive edge in our industry. Because of their attention to detail, dedication, and value-based approach to project management, I can’t imagine working with anyone else on mission critical or time-sensitive development projects.”

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Chief Strategy Officer

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