About Dymeng Services

Dymeng Services is a New York and Florida-based software development company specializing in business software solutions. From web development to desktop applications, cloud infrastructures and extensive supporting components, the developers at Dymeng are experts in the art of providing business solutions that streamline, protect and enable you to work smarter instead of harder.

Our Founder

For five consecutive years, Dymeng founder and chief operator Jack D. Leach has been awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional award. As a Microsoft MVP, Jack attends global summits to gain inside knowledge on the latest and greatest of Microsoft technologies, working with the Product Group to offer feedback and enhance Microsoft products and technologies as well as first looks at new features and technologies.

Our Team Promise

Anyone can find a decent developer, but does your software company have what it takes to manage the complex field of software project management? At Dymeng, we are quality- and satisfactory-driven at the core and have spent years researching and implementing the best in class practices and tools to ensure your projects come in on-time, on-budget and without surprises.

We feel that the software design, develop and implementation process is one that our clients should be as comfortably involved in as they like. We’re tech-savvy, business-oriented real people who understand your concerns: pricing, progress, usability, security and any number of other things.

Why “Dymeng”?

Our founder and chief operator, Jack D. Leach, spent a number of years in the manufacturing industry with particular gravitation towards systems engineering. The name Dymeng is a merge between the first part of his middle name (Dymond) and the first part of the word Engineering: Dymond engineering.

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