At Dymeng, we’re passionate about businesses. We love to learn what makes them tick and how we can help streamline operations and provide effective, user-friendly software solutions to drive them. This includes modernizing existing applications or writing new ones from scratch.

Join Our Team

If you want to join our team, you should know a few things first.

To start, we’re really big on customer service and taking care of our customers and employees. We strive to leave an impression of “Yeah, those guys are awesome!” and value long-term relationships with clients and employees alike. 

We’re also sticklers for clean code, design, and architecture. We strive to be the best at using modern programming practices while keeping things pragmatically simple and easy to work with. We feel that all our solutions are long-term investments for our clients, and we want to create solid, scalable, extensible software that can grow with their businesses. 

Software development is a difficult thing to do correctly, and we want to be better than the average run of software development shops, so perfectionists are welcome. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, get in touch!

Job Openings

Design and develop features and systems that keep our clients moving forward!  We’re actively looking for thorough, detail-oriented, capable developers that enjoy working on serious projects that matter.

While most of our backend work is around the .NET stack and MSSQL, we’re a solutions provider to our clients and our tech stack is based on a best-fit need.  We’ve build graph database solutions using Neo4j and have done USB microchip data transfers via C++.  Frontend work is typically one of the component-based web frameworks (Angular, React, Vue), and for mobile apps we prefer Xamarin unless there’s specific need to be native.  Electron is nice for desktop as the junior-level skills are highly transferable.

In any case, for this position we’d expect you to be highly fluent in a few of your favorite languages, but also be good enough to handle those that you don’t have considerable experience with yet (after all, it’s all just instruction sets, and there’s only so many general ways to do it: MVC is MVC be it in ASP or Swift, and at some point the rest boils down to high level philosophies of the platform and syntax differences).  Ah yes, speaking of which: you should have a solid understanding of general programming patterns (not just how, but also why), as well as the ability to work your way through a complex application architecture without getting scared.

If you’re smiling and nodding, we should talk.  Reach out.  If you think the prior paragraph is ridiculous, feel free to keep moving along.

Regarding the usual job post details aside from what we’re looking for… we believe in taking care of our employees along with our clients, and tend to have a lot of positive feedback in this area.  While we’re not a SF startup with rainbow unicorns plastered on the walls and a 10k square foot gym to burn through investor money, we can say the following:

  • We’ll gladly pay you what you’re worth
  • We have comprehensive benefits
  • We have an excellent work environment: negative attitudes and general BS don’t last long here
  • We like what we do and everyone enjoys their roles and understands how it contributes to the big picture

Full-time position helping users, investigating issues and performing maintenance on the software. You will be the one that makes sure all the bumps are smoothed over and everything ticks along nicely. This role will have you exposed to all areas of enterprise software solutions: an excellent way to gain hands-on experience across the full realm of sophisticated, critical software systems and architectures. Work next to our company owner for detailed guidance and expertise.

  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Training from industry experts
  • Excellent growth and learning opportunities

Here’s what we’d like from you (in general order of priority):

  • Friendly and easy to get along with, no attitudes or other BS
  • Pragmatic thinking and problem solving
  • Experience with the Microsoft programming stack (MSSQL, C#, etc)
  • Database design experience (relational, mostly, but some NoSQL)
  • ASP.NET MVC experience
  • Familiarity with Windows Servers (web hosting, mostly)


We like to think we’re easy to work with, but we try to be humble and not pat ourselves on the back or talk ourselves up too much. We prefer to reflect on great relationships that we’ve built over the years, like these ones:

  • JUNE 8, 2019

“An excellent place to work…”

I have been working at Dymeng for more than 3 years


I thoroughly enjoy working at Dymeng. Jack is an excellent person to work for. He is very amicable, organized, and I can’t fault his approach to business. I have no reservations at all in recommending him and Dymeng to anyone.


None. Dymeng is an excellent place to work.


Alexander K. – .NET Developer

Working with Jack is one of the best Upwork opportunities I had so far. Always available to answer your questions, knows how to write the code, provides clear and structured requirements and has great infrastructure and knowledge base created for his projects. Will be happy to work together again.


William B. – Java developer

The client was very clear about the requirements, flexible with the timeline, and excellent with communication. The work was also interesting and I’d happily work with them again!


Alexander K. – .NET Developer

Another great example of Jack’s attitude and professionalism - well defined tasks, clear guidance and prompt feedback lead to exception results. Enjoyed working with him and hope I will get a change to work with him again.


Hailey M. – Web Design

Always a good experience working with Jack. He set clear expectations and was responsive to any of my concerns regarding the project. I would recommend working with him to other freelancers and hope that I will have the opportunity to work with him again.


Teresa C. – Market Research

Jack is an amazing client. I highly recommend him to other freelancer. He is very skilled and very cooperative and reasonable. It was an amazing experience working with him. 5 star client.


Alain R. – .NET Developer

Jack was very clear his requirement and what the objectives are. He provided me all the documentation that i would need. He is also a very able programmer which makes discussions so much easier. One of the best employers I’ve had in oDesk.