Location Services: what this means for improved operations?

What other benefits might there be to these types of technologies? What business operations might you be able to streamline, or what kind of business feedback might you be able to act on with these services?

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Folder Context Menu for the Git shell

Now that I've had to do it on a few computers, I figured I'd jot it down here so I could find it easier in the future (and maybe someone else can make use of it). I'm not a big fan of the GUI stuff for Git, so it's easier for me to open the shell and do what I need...

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Highlight the Current Row

Using a continuous form, Conditional Formatting and VBA, we can easily give a visual indicator of the currently selected row. This example sets the ID field as Bold for the current row, but this can be applied to multiple controls. A common approach is to make a...

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I’ve been using this for the past few months, and I love it… thought I’d share, never really seen it done in VBA before (but maybe many of you do anyway and I just don’t know it!). Visual Studio (2012+ I think), automatically puts a throw new...

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Azure Series: 04 – SQL Database

  SQL Database (Formerly called SQL Azure, the official name for this service is specifically “SQL Database”).  We know a bit about users, accounts and resource groups, so let’s get our database up and rolling.  Open up the portal...

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Azure Series: 03 – Getting Started (Resources & Services)

  Getting Started (Resources & Services) Now we’ve got user stuff more or less squared away (or at least have something shaky to stand on…), let’s get into the fun stuff… resources and services. A service is pretty self-explanatory.  A...

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Azure Series: 02 – Getting Started (Accounts & Users)

  Getting Started (Accounts & Users) To get started with Azure, we’ll need to set up an account and at least one user.  While it’s likely that we can get through the basic steps of doing so easily enough without much guidance, the...

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Azure Series: 01 – Intro to Azure

  I’ve been using Azure to handle LOB and SaaS applications for some time now, and without doubt it’s a massively powerful, expansive and complicated system.  The aim of this series of posts is to provide an introduction to the Azure...

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Generalizing Form Behavior – Refined

In a previous post I tossed out a concept for a global form handler that could be used to generalize form behavior without having to add any code to forms. After having played with it a few days and hashed a few things around, here's a refined version of actual...

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Generalizing Form Behavior

Edit: This post provides the overall concept but not a working code set. I've left this post in place and added a new post that contains working code, see here: Generalizing Form Behavior – Refined I have a lot of functionality for forms that I want repeated across...

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Database Performance for Non-Databasey Devs

I had a junior dev (primarily front-end web) work on a site for me that included a couple calls to the underlying database.  Upon reviewing the work I decided to make a change to the way that some of the DB calls were handled.  Below is the explanation of why I made...

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