Are Enterprise Systems Only for Large Companies?

You want efficiency and profitability for your business. Oftentimes, that means you need software in place that streamlines your day-to-day business processes. For some businesses, this means enterprise systems. While the term “enterprise” may lead you to believe it’s only for large corporations, it actually can be used for businesses of all sizes. It’s all a matter of what your business goals are and how you can achieve them. 

What Are Enterprise Systems?

It’s important to distinguish enterprise systems from enterprise software. While it sounds intimidating, enterprise software really just refers to software that’s designed to serve the needs of a business as a whole rather than the individuals within it. 

Enterprise systems are a little more complex, as they integrate multiple applications, protocols, and formats to support your business operations. An enterprise system includes everything your business needs, all in one place, so you don’t have to mix and match software.

For example, rather than multiple software solutions for your accounting, inventory software, and customer service needs, you can use one overarching system that includes all of these. Examples include ERP (enterprise resource planning) and a CRM system (customer relationship management). It’s simply an easier, better way to work, especially for businesses that have many moving parts. 

What Are the Advantages of Enterprise Systems?

By integrating all of your data into one system, you only have to enter data and details once and let it propagate through the system, saving time and reducing errors.

Additionally, enterprise systems give you greater ability to analyze data. They can help you coordinate with suppliers, produce high-quality sales forecasts, and manage employee time effectively. You can cross reference data from different departments and areas of the business, allowing you to easily manage the events of your business. 

Enterprise systems also tend to be more reliable than typical IT solutions and easier to secure, which is becoming increasingly important. It’s no wonder large companies use these systems to improve supply chain management, automate routine customer service tasks, and save considerable amounts of money. The benefits are numerous, and particularly helpful for those businesses looking to grow. 

Can Small Businesses Use Enterprise Systems?

Small businesses are often worried about the cost of enterprise systems. As a result, they may either avoid these systems altogether or deploy them piecemeal. Neither is ideal, and the latter typically leads to an extended learning curve as segments are added, reducing the overall productivity of the business. 

Small businesses can certainly use enterprise systems; in fact, there are some developed specifically for small businesses. It is a myth that small businesses can’t afford to deploy enterprise systems, but it is very important to do it right. One solution to this is custom enterprise software, which can be surprisingly affordable.

Custom enterprise systems contain everything you need for your business and can be scaled up as you grow. For example, a startup that is producing one product and sourcing everything from one or two vendors may not need supply chain management software. As a business adds more products, however, it may be needed, and then you can go back to your software developer and have them code an update. 

Because of this, the best way to obtain the exact solutions you need for your business, no matter its size, is to hire a custom software development company. Not only can they help you figure out what you need, but also help you stay within budget while achieving your most important software goals. 

Can Your Business Benefit from an Enterprise System?

Enterprise systems are not just for large companies with high levels of revenue. They’re also a key investment for smaller businesses that can use them, scale them as they grow, and enjoy the significant time and money savings that come with them.

If you’re interested in an enterprise system for your small business, schedule a call with our custom software company. We’ll talk through your needs and help you find the best solution for your business.